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Linus Holmdahl
Vice President Sales / Partner
Korab is uniquely built for international business, combining global expertise with a lean and agile operation. Korab allows me to operate like an entrepreneur. As a trader, it's up to me where I put my time and energy. You can feel the family company origins in our DNA, the atmosphere is brilliant, and the wellbeing of our staff is always at the forefront.
Eva Jönsson
Chief Accounting Manager
Over 23 years ago, I joined the Korab family, a unique company that takes good care of its colleagues and provides everyone with opportunities for development. There's not a single day that's exactly like the next; the tasks are varied and interesting. And the working environment is warm with an open atmosphere. Working in an international company with short decision-making processes and long tradition, constantly challenges us to perform at our best, and we enjoy every moment.
Matilda Larsson
Team leader back-office and customer support
Working at Korab has enabled me to grow as a professional. Being part of a company that epitomizes commitment and knowledge, driven by colleagues with profound industry insight has been incredibly enriching. It's a joy to work in a company with a deep sense of community where building relationships with a diverse array of individuals, both local and global, is not just encouraged but celebrated.
Erol Kalaçi
Vice President / Partner
As a proud partner of this company for the past 34 years, I have witnessed firsthand the enduring legacy of  family values that have guided us through 112 years of success. Our commitment to integrity, respect, and collaboration has not only shaped our company's culture but has also strengthened our bonds like a close-knit family. I am honored to be a part of a company that values tradition, innovation, and above all, the people who make it all possible.

mario kornfilt


Being a family-operated business
creates a unique culture within our team. We operate with full trust, we enable people to grow, and support each other when needed. That's the key to our
company's unique agility.


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